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Caulk Finisher by Homax Products

Caulk Finisher by Homax Products

Homax Products - Caulk Finishing Tool

The Homax Caulk Finishing Tool will give a professional finish to your caulk job. Use this Homax product to scoop excess caulk off, leaving an eye-pleasing smooth finished joint. Use on all types of caulk as well as silicone sealers. This caulk finishing tool can be trimmed to fit the bead size you need. Using the right tool can make all the difference for getting results you can be proud of.

Caulk Finishing Tool Directions

• Make sure surface where you want to apply caulk is clean and thoroughly dry.
• Using caulk gun, apply caulk to joint you wish to fill.
• Firmly place caulk finishing tool on joint making sure contact has been made with both sides of surface.
• Keeping firm contact on joint with front of tool, tilt other end up and away from beading
• Push caulk finishing tool firmly along joint to remove excess caulking
• This Homax product makes a 1/16 inch finished bead.
• A larger finished bead can be made by cutting parallel to the existing notching.

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Finisher for Caulk
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