Ultra Performance Colored Caulk - Mapei Color Line
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Ultra Performance Colored Caulk - Mapei Color Line

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New! Mapei Ultra-Performance Color Caulk by ColorFast is a color match to the Mapei grout line. This hybrid adhesive and sealant is highly flexible (up to 500% elongation) and will cure in areas of high humidity.
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Interior and Exterior Caulking by ColorFast Industries

Need a concrete caulk suitable for your exterior caulking needs? Check out ColorFast Industries' newly developed Ultra Performance caulk that can be used for concrete caulking where cement meets the wood frame. This amazing caulk can be used in areas where high flexibility is needed or where there is a larger joint that needs to be caulked. This unique hybrid polymer is highly flexible and has an expansion rate of 500%. So not only does this make a great concrete caulk, but is also suitable where there are larger than normal gaps that need to be filled such as between a kitchen counter and wall. This caulk meets specifications TTS-0230C and ASTM C920 for expansion and larger joints.

Not only can you use this as a concrete caulk, but also for other ground level uses such as around pool edges. (Not suitable for use in pool.) The properties of this caulk by ColorFast Industries allows for curing in high moisture areas. Use around tubs, showers, sinks, and areas outdoors such as a concrete caulk where weather elements are a factor.

This particular line of interior and exterior caulking is made by ColorFast Industries to color match the Mapei grout line. It is made in both unsanded and sanded options. Tubes of unsanded caulk give a smooth surface. Sanded caulk has a rough sand-like texture. Each has an application where it is more appropriate to use one texture over the other. Concrete caulk would most likely be a rougher texture to match the roughness of cement. Around your bathtub you may prefer the unsanded caulk because it will be easier to clean.

Request colored caulk color chart here.

ColorFast Industries Ultra Performance Highlights

  • Interior and exterior caulking
  • Manufactured to color match Mapei grout colors
  • Use as a sealant and adhesive
  • Sold in 10.3oz tubes
  • ASTM C920 and TTS 0230C standards met
  • Highly flexible up to 500% elongation
  • Resist mildew and moisture
  • Will cure in areas of dampness
  • Sanded (rough) and unsanded (smooth) textures
  • Hybrid polymer formula
  • Great for ground level outdoor uses like concrete caulk
  • Made in the USA

ColorFast Industries Caulk Directions

  • Clean surface completely, making sure to remove dirt, oils, and dust
  • Application can be done when air temperature is above 40° F
  • Once applied, working time to smooth out and remove excess caulk is 20 minutes
  • Use denatured alcohol or mineral spirits to clean up

Recommended Caulk Tools

ColorFast Industries has manufactured the Ultra Performance Mapei Caulk to match the colors of the Mapei grout line. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Color
    *Truffle, *Pecan, *Mint, *Mahogany, *Hickory, *Driftwood, *Caramel, *Brick Red, *Bamboo, *Acorn, *Chocolate, *Bahama Beige, *Cocoa, *Frost, *Light Almond, *Walnut, *Cobblestone, *Rain, *Iron, *Timberwolf, *Gray, *Mocha, *Chamois, *Pale Umber, *Navajo Brown, *Harvest, *Straw, *Ivory, *Bone, *Black, *Charcoal, *Pearl Gray, *Sahara Beige, *Pewter, *Silver, *Warm Gray, *Alabaster, *Biscuit, *White, *Avalanche
  • Texture
    Unsanded/Smooth, Sanded/Rough
  • Manufacturers
    • Manufacturer
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