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Homax Caulking Tools Set

Homax Caulking Tools Set

Caulk Remover and Finisher by Homax 

The Homax Caulk Remover and Finishing Tool will make your home improvement efforts easier. This 2-pack of caulking tools is the best value for the money. Easy to follow directions with images are included on packaging. Both caulking tools are reusable and easy to clean.

Use caulk remover to take off your old, stained, or tired looking caulk. This tool is sometimes referred to as the “Caulk Rite Caulk Remover Tool”.

Homax Caulk Remover Directions

• Hold tool so blades are in contact with both sides of the joint.
• Shape of tool allows you to easily reach into corners.
• Caulk will come out in strips.

This product will loosen caulk between the surface and the adhesion property of the old caulk.

The second caulking tool found in this kit is a caulk finisher. This will help you smooth caulk into joints, giving you the professional finish you want. This item is sometimes referred to as the “Caulk Rite Caulking Tool”.

Caulking Tools - Finisher Directions

• Place finishing tool at a 45 degree angle against caulk filled joint
• Both sides of the flexible blade should make contact with joint
• Drag firmly along the caulk bead
• Changing the angle will alter the size of the caulk bead

Use these caulking tools on your indoor or outdoor projects for professional results. Order today.

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Caulking tools by Homax
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