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Caulk-EZ Perfect Bead of Caulk

Caulk-EZ Perfect Bead of Caulk

Caulk Smoother Spray - Caulking Finishing Tool

This caulk smoother spray by Caulk-EZ is used on top of beads of caulk to help smooth them out and clean up any excess. Our caulking finishing tool can be used by homeowners or professionals without fail on all types of caulk and on any surface. The caulk smoother spray is a water based solution that is odorless and will not stain your surface. Also, the caulking finishing tool is non flammable and sprays on clear.

Our 2.5 oz caulk smoother spray is convenient and works in just seconds to help smooth out caulk without mess or stickiness. Once applied, the caulking finishing tool will create a slippery mist that one can smooth over with a finger or caulk tool without fear of smearing. Use the caulk smoother spray indoors or outdoors without slowing down the caulk cure time. This caulking finishing tool is also safe to use on paintable caulks since it will not prevent them from being painted after the spray has dried.

Caulk-EZ Finishing Tool Highlights

  • Caulk smoother spray covers up to 250 ft, approximately 8 tubes of 10 oz caulk
  • Odorless, water based formula
  • Will not stain caulk because sprays on clear
  • Spray on any surface without stickiness
  • Comes in 2.5 oz aerosol can
  • Works with all types of caulk
  • Creates a smooth caulk line without mess
  • Wipe up excess caulk easily

Caulk Smoother Spray Directions

  • Use the caulking finish tool on a thin bead of caulk
  • Aim spray can about 4 to 6 inches away from bead and apply a mist
  • Using your finger or a tool, applying medium measure to bead and smooth out
  • Wipe up any excess caulk with ease
Click our PDF link for step by step instructions. This caulk smoother spray will work with any of our colored caulks so purchase both items today and save on shipping!

Use this caulking finishing tool by Caulk-EZ and see just how fast and easy your caulking job can be.
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Caulk-EZ Caulk Tool
CAULK-EZ - Get the perfect bead of caulk
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