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Urethane Pre-Mixed Grout by Colorfast

Urethane Pre-Mixed Grout by Colorfast

Pre-mixed Grout - Colorfast - Colored Urethane Grout

This pre-mixed grout only requires one quick stir before applying to your tiles. Colorfast Ultra Performance Urethane Grout is sturdier than cement based grouts and has less shrinkage after drying. Urethane grout is neither a sanded or unsanded product but it will have a slightly textured look and feel. Our pre-mixed grout does not need a sealant and will remain flexible after curing. Colorfast has made this grout available in 12 standard colors but also offers custom color matching for those looking for more variety. There is a minimum of 4 gallons per custom order and additional fees may apply. Call for any inquiries.

Durable urethane grout is stain and chemical resistant and is perfect to use in your home or at your next job site. Available pre-mixed grout comes in either a 1/2 or full gallon size, making it easy for you to purchase just the amount you need. Order your Colorfast Ultra Performance grout now and have it shipped to you for one low cost! Any excess urethane grout can be saved for future use as long as the container is sealed back tightly.

Pre-mixed Grout Highlights

  • Colorfast Ultra Performance grout will not crack
  • Half or full gallon size available
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Grout has slight texture
  • 12 standard colors
  • Custom colors can be made
  • No sealing required
  • Damp wipe for clean up
  • Save excess grout for later use
  • Ready to use

Colorfast Grout Application Directions

  • Stir urethane grout during initial opening of container
  • Work in small sections
  • Pack joints by spreading grout at 45 degree angle
  • Remove grout haze as you apply
  • Damp wipe any excess grout but do not over saturate
  • Cure grout 24 to 72 hours before allowing foot traffic

Please remember sample colors shown on monitors may not represent the correct shading. Color chart is available for the urethane grout by request.

Stock Note: This non-stocked item will take 8 to 14 business days to arrive to you (depending on location). Due to a change in policy by the manufacturer, we can no longer ship this item immediately.

Select other urethane grout for projects involving glass tile or when more color selection is needed.

This pre-mixed grout is top of the line because of its no shrink, no seal formula. Save time and money by ordering today!

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Urethane Pre-Mixed Grout by Colorfast
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