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Colorfast Loose Tile Repair

Colorfast Loose Tile Repair

Tile Repair Adhesive - Fix Loose Tile

Colorfast loose tile repair is the ultimate solution to fixing tiles which have been loosened due to broken grout joints. By fixing loose tile with this adhesive, you will save time and money by not having to re-grout an entire surface. Loose tile repair adhesive creates a flexible bond so that it can work under most indoor tile repairs.

Typically when fixing loose tile, one would have to remove old grout and tiles but with this product you simply drill a few holes near the tile and the glue does the rest. Insert the loose tile repair adhesive directly into the drilled hole and inject a small amount under the tile or until you can see it come up to the hole surface. After fixing loose tiles this way, you can cover the drilled holes by using a small amount of colored caulk or grout to match. The loose tile repair comes in a 10.3 oz tube and must be used in a caulking gun during application. If you are fixing loose tile in a wet or shower area, we do not recommend this product because of the way it is formulated.

Loose Tile Repair Directions

  • Drill 4 to 8 holes around the grout lines before fixing loose tiles
  • Make sure the tile has hollow spots underneath to allow space for adhesive
  • Use a 1/8" masonry drill bit and be careful not to drill into tile
  • Clean dust and debris from area with a vacuum
  • Apply adhesive with a caulk gun by inserting the tip into the hole
  • Glue should start coming up to the surface of the holes once all are filled
  • Clean the area of excess glue with a damp rag
  • Use a weight or bucket of water on top of the tile to reset the tile
  • Wait 24 to 72 hours depending on the weather
  • Cover adhesive marks by using a bit of caulk or grout over drilled space

After fixing loose tiles in your home, use one of our colored caulks to cover up the adhesive.

Get your loose tile repair glue today so that you can fix uneven tiles without re-grouting your whole surface. Order now!

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