Grout Aide Contractors Pack Grout Pen


Purchase this large bottle size of grout colorant and sealer for the bigger tiled rooms in your home. This 4 oz bottle of grout colorant covers approximately 2000 lineal feet. Each Contractor’s Pack grout color pens includes 2 tips for narrow and wide grout lines.

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SKM Grout Aide Contractor’s Pack Grout Color Pen

Adding color to your grout is made simple with the Grout Aide Contractor’s Pack of grout colorant. This revolutionary product not only is a grout colorant but as a sealer. After applying, your grout is protected from future mildew stains. This Contractor’s grout color pen pack contains a 4 oz bottle of colorant and two tips for wide and narrow grout lines. This 4oz bottle of grout colorant and sealer covers approximately 2000 lineal feet of grout lines. This is an equivalent of 8 jumbo markers. View our Technical Data Sheet on this grout stain marker for more information.

Grout Aide Contractor’s Grout Color Pen Pack Instructions:

  • Wash area to remove grease and soap
  • Shake the large grout stain marker with cap on for 2 minutes
  • Assemble applicator of grout color pen
  • Have a damp cloth handy for clean-up
  • Apply the grout colorant like you would be drawing with a standard marker (stay in the grout lines)
  • Remove any excess solution
  • Apply a second coat if desired
  • Allow to dry for at least one hour before walking on surface
  • Allow drying time of at least 24 hours before getting wet
Item # Grout Marker Color 
65-0035 White
65-0036 Grey
65-0037 Almond
65-0038 Antique White
65-0039 Charcoal
65-0040 Chocolate Truffle
65-0041 Mushroom
65-0042 Siltstone

Please Note:  Always test Grout Aide Markers in a small inconspicuous area first. Remember that the color shown is based on covering white grout. The color will change based on the color it is going over (you may get a more true color adding multiple coats). Think of it like hair dye: the color on the box is not necessarily the color your hair will turn out because they put the dye on a light blonde hair. If the color does not match or is not to your liking, quickly wipe the grout clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT let it dry.

Looking for a small pen/marker sized grout colorant and sealer? We also carry the Grout Aide standard grout color pen and large jumbo marker.

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.


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White, Grey, Almond, Antique White, Chocolate Truffle, Charcoal, Mushroom, Siltstone

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