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Ultra Performance Colored Caulk - CBP / Polyblend Color Line
Master SKU: Ultra-CBPx

New! Ultra-Performance Color Caulk by ColorFast. Matches CBP / Polyblend grout color line. Professional's choice for high humidity areas and larger joints. High flexibility is ideal for expansion joints.

Our price: $16.79
Ultra Performance Colored Caulk - Laticrete Color Line
Master SKU: Ultra-LatX

New! ColorFast Ultra Performance colored caulk has been made to color match the Laticrete grout line. This high performance caulk cures in high moisture areas and is flexible up to a 500% elongation.

Our price: $16.79
Ultra Performance Colored Caulk - Mapei Color Line
Master SKU: Ultra-Map38

New! Mapei Ultra-Performance Color Caulk by ColorFast is a color match to the Mapei grout line. This hybrid adhesive and sealant is highly flexible (up to 500% elongation) and will cure in areas of high humidity.

Our price: $16.79
Urethane Pre-Mixed Grout by Colorfast
Master SKU: 47-02501

Colorfast pre-mixed urethane grout. Available in 12 different colors. Comes in a 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon sized container.

Our price: $98.00
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