Not seeing your question?
If you are uncertain if you have ordered the correct item or you have any further questions, you may always contact us at: 866.258.1554 or 608.244.1226,
 or E-mail us at: sales@installerstore.com

Who can order from your website?
We specialize in servicing the individual, but companies are more than welcome to place orders too. We do not have a minimum order amount, so feel free to order as little or as much as you want!

Do I need to setup an account to place an order online?
No, you don't need to setup an account to place your order. Setting up an account simply allows you to save your billing and shipping information, so you do not have to enter it on every order. An account also allows you to setup multiple shipping addresses, view previous orders, or request a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number.

I don't like placing orders online. When can I talk to a live person?
Customer service is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm Central Standard Time.

How can I place my order?
You can place an order several ways:

  • Online: Use a major credit card, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Call us:Toll free 866-258-1554 or our local number at 608-244-1226 (Major Credit Card Needed). Please see regular business hours above.
  • Mail-In-An-Order: Select this option at checkout. This saves your order, and allows you to print a copy of it. Then mail it in to us along with a check or money order.

***Please Note: Orders DO NOT ship until payment is received.

Do you ship outside the Continental US?
Yes, we ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, however you must call us to place an order. Due to higher shipping costs, the Standard Shipping and Warehouse Rush options are not applicable. Please call us, toll free at (866) 258-1554 or our local number at (608)-244-1226, if you would like a shipping quote.

What is your return policy?
Please see our Returns page for this information.

Are the colors accurate on your website?
Due to the fact that all monitors show colors differently, we do not recommend that you go by what you see on your computer. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific color. Some of our items have color charts that you can order.

I received an AVS Mismatch Error when checking out. What do I do?
For security reasons we verify the billing address on file with your credit card company. An AVS Mismatch Error could mean one of the following:

  1. The Billing Address you entered does not match what your credit card company has on file. If you have moved recently, it may not have been updated by your credit card company yet.We have no control over this. Try using your old billing address to see if it solves the problem. Please remember that Billing Addresses & Shipping Addresses CAN be different.
  2. Your credit card was not issued in the USA. Our website will not accept orders outside the continental US. Please call contact us for additional payment options or for a shipping quote if needed. 
  3. You are trying to use a gift credit card. Not all gift credit cards are compatible with gateway transactions (Online Purchases). Please call us, and we can try to manually process your card. Another option would be to use a normal credit card.

I tried to place an order several times but it did not go through. Now my credit card company says that I have been charged all those times. What is going on?
When you attempt to make a purchase using your credit card, the transaction "Pings" your credit card account for the amount of the purchase, whether it is approved or declined. Since each attempt to make a purchase is considered a separate charge (This prevents sellers from initially charging one amount & then going back and changing that amount), this "Ping" tells the credit card company to reserve that amount for each attempt you make.

If the transaction is declined, then these "Pings" will fall off your account approximately three business days after the attempt was made. The amount of time depends entirely upon your credit card company. We have no control over this. If you need these "Pings" off your account sooner, please call your credit card company and they should be able to manually remove them.

I am confused by the pricing system on the product menus. How are your products arranged?
To make our website more user-friendly, colors in the same manufacturer's color pallet are grouped together. For example, the CBP/Polyblend color line can be purchased from the same page.

For caulking, click on the "Color" drop-down menu, and choose desired color. Next, you'll need to choose desired texture: Sanded/Rough or Unsanded/Smooth. (Don't know the difference? See below for more info regarding this topic)

Lastly, you will need to type in the quantity needed to purchase. The price (shown in red above the drop down menus) is updated to show the correct amount.

I received a coupon / promo code. Where do I enter it?
When you add an item to the cart, you will be taken to the cart page. Click on the Have a discount coupon? under the payment methods. This is where you will enter your coupon code and redeem. Below is an example:

I tried to use a coupon code found on an online coupon sharing site but it isn't working. Why isn't it applying?
Third party coupon sharing sites are submitted by the general public and not Colored-Caulk directly, and unfortunately they are not always valid. We strongly advise that you check any offers, discounts or coupons that you may want to use with our sales staff before trying to apply them with your order. All discount code/offer questions can be directed to sales@installerstore.com via email or call toll free 866.258.1554.

The color I need is from the a specific manufacturer (CBP, Tech, Laticrete, etc). Why does the caulking say Colorfast Industries?
Colorfast Industries is a leading manufacturer of color specific caulking made to match major grout lines such as CBP, Tech, Laticrete, etc. Caulking purchased in the CBP line, for example, is made to specifically match the colors in that grout line. This enables you to purchase caulking available to match major grout lines.

I am not sure if I need Caulk or Grout. What is the difference?
Grout is a thin mortar poured into tile joints/grout lines between tiles. It is usually a powder mixed with water or a pre-mixed bucket ready-to-use. Caulking, unlike grout, fills the gaps between many different types of products especially to seal a crevice or area from moisture. Areas where you will commonly use caulking is shower/tub floors and corners, sinks and fixtures, and more areas where water is present. Caulking is usually purchased in a 10.3 oz standard tube used with a caulking gun. Want to learn more on the differences between caulk and grout? Check out this helpful article available on our blog.

Why do I have to choose a texture for caulking? What is sanded vs unsanded caulking?
Sanded caulking will have a rough texture, and almost look like sand has been mixed into the caulk. Sanded texture caulking is sometimes used when you need to caulk larger gaps. Unsanded caulking, on the other hand, will have a smooth appearance. Unless your situation calls directly for one texture or the other, it comes down to personal preference.

How do I properly install caulking?
Before you apply new caulking, you will want to make sure all existing/old caulking has been removed. This, and many other helpful tips on installing caulking are available on our blog.

What makes the Ultra Performance better than standard caulk?
The Ultra Performance Caulking is a hybrid polymer formula that has over 500% joint movement allowing for this product to be used for larger joints and expansion joints. The durability and weather resistance makes this Ultra Performance Caulking a step above traditional caulk. This easy-to-use, U.V. protected caulking can even be painted to match your decor. View the product page for more information on Ultra Performance Caulking.