Standard Caulk Gun with Ratchet Advance


Caulk gun with ratchet action movement for 10.3 oz tubes of caulk.

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Perfect Caulk Gun to Winterize Windows and More

Lightweight caulk gun to winterize windows, caulk around tubs, fill in backsplashes, and more. Caulk gun will hold a 10.3 oz tube of caulk, just the perfect size for tubes used to winterize windows. Also can be used with 10.3 oz tubes of adhesives. The ratchet system helps to minimize loss of caulk oozing which can get messy to clean up.

This affordable caulk gun is priced under $5. Why not pick up extra(s) to have on hand?

Find tubes of caulk in white, clear, and colors listed below. Caulk can be used indoors or outdoors, which makes them a perfect choice to winterize windows or doors with.

Caulk Gun Details

• Holds 10.3 oz common sized tubes
• Use for caulk or adhesive tubes
• Ratchet action  (less waste due to oozing)
• Lightweight yet sturdy

Use caulk savers to keep partially used tubes of caulk from drying out.

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Additional information

Weight 8 oz

Author: coloredcaulk